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Conference Program Schedule

Tentative Conference Program Schedule
Subject to changes without notifications

Day One: October 8th, 2016
Keynote Session 1 (Room 309)
9AM - 10AM
Title: Perspectives on Smart and Connected Communities and Cyber-Physical Systems
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gurdip Singh, Syracuse University and Expert in the Division of Computer and Network Systems, NSF

Coffee Break
10AM - 10:30AM

Tutorial 1 (Room 309)
10:30AM - 11:45AM
Title: Comparing Dew Computing with Cloud computing, Fog computing, and Other Related Concepts
Tutorial Speaker: Dr. Yingwei Wang, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Session 1: Environment Sustainability (Room 311)
2PM - 3:40PM
Chair: Chengliang Wang (

SenetSHM: Towards Practical Structural Health Monitoring using Intelligent Sensor Networks
Xuefeng Liu, Jiannong Cao and Peng Guo

Data driven analysis of Algal Bloom activity for effective Water Sustainability
Vinay Boddula, Lakshmish Ramaswamy, Reshma Pasumarthi and Deepak Mishra

Tidal Variability of Acoustic Detection
Sungjin Cho, Fumin Zhang and Catherine Edwards

Secure Bike Sharing System for Multi-modal Journey
Mohammad Rahman and Shinsaku Kiyomoto

Coffee Break
3:40PM - 4:10PM

Session 2: Smart Energy (Room 311)
4:10PM - 6PM
Chair: Markus Fiedler (

Increasing the Utilization Ratio of Photovoltaic Energy by Network Hybridization
Tobias Jacobs, Sebastien Nicolas, Tae-Gil Noh, Anett Schuelke, Hans Auer, Daniel Schwabeneder, Daniele Basciotti, Edmund Widl, Sawsan Henein and Olatz Terreros

Cost-effective and Comfort-aware Electricity Scheduling for Home Energy Management System
Gengqiang Huang, Junjie Yang and Chunjuan Wei.

Optimal Hybrid Energy Solution for Island Micro-Grid
Chin E. Lin and Bao Chau Phan

Ahorrar: Indoor Occupancy Counting to Enable Smart Energy Efficient Office Buildings
Shweta Jain and Nicholas Madamopoulos.

Reception (Crystal Ballroom)
6:30PM - 8:30PM

Day Two: October 9th, 2016
Keynote Session 2 (Room 309)
9AM - 10AM
Title: Searchable Symmetric Encryption: Potential Attacks, Practical Constructions and Extensions
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jinjun Chen, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia

Coffee Break
10AM - 10:30AM

Session 3: Energy-aware Computing (Room 311)
10:30AM - 12PM
Chair: Tao Han (

Evaluating the Energy Efficiency of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on CPUs and GPUs
Da Li, Xinbo Chen, Michela Becchi and Ziliang Zong

Android App Energy Efficiency: The Impact of Language, Runtime, Compiler and Implementation
Xinbo Chen and Ziliang Zong

QoE-Aware Sustainable Throughput for Energy-Efficient Video Streaming
Markus Fiedler, Adrian Popescu and Yong Yao

How to high-efficiently acquire activity pattern in Smart Environment
Chengliang Wang, Fei Ma, Yunpeng Wang, Debraj De and Sajal K. Das

Session 4: Energy-aware Networking (Room 311)
2PM - 4:40PM
Chair: Ziliang Zong (

Improved Algorithms for Two Energy-Optimal Routing Problems in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks
Samuel Baugh, Gruia Calinescu, David Rincon-Cruz and Kan Qiao

Energy-efficient Data Delivery Scheme for Battery-free Wireless Sensor Networks
Yi-Hua Zhu, Ertao Li and Kaikai Chi

A Novel Topology Control with Reconfigurable Radio for Sustainable Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Suk-Un Yoon and Liang Cheng

Energy-efficient and Power-optimal Topology Control with Potential Game for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhen Hong, Rui Wang, Tingting Song, Qian Shao and Lidan Zhou

Computing Resource Aware Energy Saving Scheme for Cloud Radio Access Networks
Qiang Liu, Tao Han and Gang Wu

Banquet (Crystal Ballroom)
6:30PM - 8:30PM

Day Three: October 10th, 2016
Keynote Session 3 (Room 309)
9AM - 10AM
Title: The Era of Big Spatial Data
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mohamed F. Mokbel, University of Minnesota, USA

Coffee Break
10AM - 10:30AM

Tutorial 2 (Room 309)
10:30AM - 11:45AM
TITLE: Big Data NLP with HPCC System®
Tutorial Speakers: Richard Taylor, Consulting Engineer and Chief Trainer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, USA