Csc 7003, Programming for Data Science - (Summer 2019)

Instructional Staff

Instructor: Raj Sunderraman; Room 629, 1 Park Place;; Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 3.00 pm to 5:00 pm at Buckhead Center

Course Materials

WEEK 3: Day 2 (Recursion, Binary Search Trees)

Recursion (DID NOT COVER)
Program 11 (Binary Search Tree) (DID NOT COVER)

WEEK 3: Day 1 (Priority Queue; HeapSort)

Program 10 (Priority Queue - array/list and tree implementations)
(NOTE: We did not cover tree implementation)
Final Homework

WEEK 2: Day 2 (Linked Lists, Hash Tables)

Program 9 (Hash Table)
Program 8 (Linked List)

WEEK 2: Day 1 (Stacks, Queues)

Program 7 (Queue Class)
Program 6 (Stack Class)

WEEK 1: Day 2 (Objects and Classes in Python),
Program 5 (Date Class)
Program 4 (Game of Hangman) NOT TO BE TURNED IN

WEEK 1: Day 1 (Python Basics)
Goodrich Slides
Program 3 (Simple Crypto) NOT TO BE TURNED IN
Program 2 (Game of Bulls and Cows)
Program 1 (Histogram of letter counts)