2016 BDCloud, SustainCom, and SocialCom

Computer Science Department

of Georgia State University

Workshop Program Schedule

October 8, 2016

9:00-10:00am Keynote 1(Room 309)

10:00-10:30am Coffee Break

10:30-11:30am Keynote 2(Room 309)

6:30 – 8:30pm: Reception (Crystal Ballroom)

October 9, 2016

9:00-10:00am Keynote 3(Room 309)

BDCloud-2016 Workshop Program (Room 311)

Workshop 1: Big Data and Cloud Computing in Bioinformatics" (BDACCB2016) (Room 3)

Organizers: Min Li, Yaohang Li, Xuan Guo, Neal NaixueXiong, Fang-Xiang Wu and Stephan Olariuv

MASS-based NemoProfile construction for an efficient network motif search
Andrew Andersen, Wooyoung Kim and Munehiro Fukuda

Coarse-grained Contact Potential Helps Improve Fold Recognition Sensitivity in Template-based Protein Structure Modeling
Maha M. Abdelrasoul and Yaohang Li

Malware Sequence Alignment
Daniel Brill, Andrew Dinh, Yaohang Li and Wu He

A Weighted Discriminative Dictionary Learning Method for Depression Disorder Classification using fMRI Data
Xin Wang, Yanshuang Ren, Yehui Yang, Wensheng Zhang and Neal N. Xiong

6:30 – 8:30pm: Banquet (Crystal Ballroom)

October 10, 2016

9:00-10:15am Tutorial 1 (Room 311)
TITLE: Big Data NLP with HPCC Systems®
Tutorial Speaker: Richard Taylor, Consulting Engineer and Chief Trainer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, USA

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break

10:45am-12:00pm Tutorial 2 (Room 309)

Title: Comparing Dew Computing with Cloud computing, Fog computing, and Other Related Concepts
Tutorial Speaker: Dr. Yingwei Wang, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Workshop 2: Applications of Big Data Science (ABDS 2016) (Room 311)

Organizers: RafalAngryk, Marcin KorytkowskiandRafal Scherer

A Parallel DBSCAN Algorithm Based on Spark
Guangchun Luo, Xiaoyu Luo, Ling Tian and Ke Qin

An Apache Spark Implementation of Block Power Method for Computing Dominant Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Large-Scale Matrices
Hao Ji, Seth H. Weinberg, Min Li, Jianxin Wang and Yaohang Li

Feature Selection and Improving Classification Performance for Malware Detection
Chia Tien Dan Lo, Ordóñez Pablo and Cepeda Carlos

3:40-4:10pm Coffee Break

Workshop 3: Big Data and Cloud Applications (BDCloudAPP 2016) (Room 311)

Organizers: Shuhui Yang, Mina Guiguis and ManghuiTu

Comparison of Spark Resource Managers and Distributed File Systems
Soulmaz Salehian and Yonghong Yan

Bayesian Networks-based Selection Algorithm for Virtual Machine to Be Migrated
Chengyu Yan, Zhihua Li, Xinrong Yu and Ning Yu

A Dynamic Risk-based Access Control Model for Cloud Computing
Aiguo Chen, Hanwen Xing, Kun She and GuiduoDuan

An Analysis Platform of Road Traffic Management System Log Data based on Distributed Storage and Parallel Computing Techniques
Wei Peng, Bing Li, Yongjiang Li and Xiangyuan Zhu

Integrating SaaS and SaaP with Dew Computing
Yingwei Wang and David LeBlanc

VLSC: Video Live Streaming Using Cloud Services
Xiangbo Li, Mohsen Amini Salehi and Magdy Bayoumi